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SCAD Electronic Prototyping class was given the theme to design motion for emotion using Arduino Programming. 

Project Description


Being in college gives opportunities to work in a team that can be exciting, but not when your teammates come unprepared. This can easily lead to an unproductive meeting with distraction to team members. From going on your phone to side conversation with your other teammate. Distraction can easily prevent tasks from being completed and frustrate all team members.

Meet the team

click their names to view their websites 

Henry Tran : Team Lead / Interaction Designer

Sarah Beth Doncals : Research / Industrial Design

Eric Flatt : Lead Arduino Engineer

Austin Lavalley : Visual Design / Content

Kajal Boghara : Content / Arduino Engineer

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Team distraction can cause conflict and actually stop work from being completed on time

Our Intended Goal

To enhance the team dynamic experience by leveraging motion in a less distracting way that allows for the team to be more productive.

Competitive Research


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Research Conclusion







Overall Insights

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How might we...

Help users stay on track during meetings?

Enhance technology to reduce distraction?

Create an environment that feels productive?

Incentivize users to stay on track?

Make users comfortable to voice their opinion?

Help users to make plans prior to the meeting?

Give users a sense of control?

We designed for...

College students aged 19-25 who work in team settings

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Personas & User Journey's (click to see image)

Concept Development

User testing

Coding & physical development

Final Product

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Sway is a product that helps teammates become aware of distractions in a discrete way. It allows team members to be responsible and productive throughout meetings. The web app is for team members to create their own priority list before coming into a meeting. This helps all team members to be more responsible and have clear goals of what they want to get out of the meeting. The web app consists of a data visualization based on the productivity of the meeting and suggests methods to have a more productive meeting in the future. The physical product is created to help teammates bring awareness to the distraction happening during the meeting. The physical product is a button that each team member would get to keep with them during the meeting. To initiate the meeting, users will grab the button from the center of the table. One of the buttons will turn yellow to indicate that they are the moderator of that meeting. Being the moderator means that they have to assign tasks to everybody based on the prioritized list created. As the team starts to work it starts a 20-minute timer for working. Throughout the meeting it allows the team members to simply notify the team when they are distracted by simply tapping the center of the button to change of light color slowly from green to red. 

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Product Features

App Features

Timer & Initiate meeting 

Green light on the meeting indicates meeting is in session and there is no distraction happening in the group.


The light ring is also a 20 minutes timer that users can check on the time without going on their phone or laptop

Home Screen

Users can easily access to Sway web app and look at an upcoming meeting, ongoing projects, data visualization, to-do list, and calendar

Create an agenda

Users can create agenda and set realistic goal for upcoming meetings

Touch & Haptic Feedback

Sway has a built-in force-sensitive resistor that allows users to simply tap the top in a more discrete way and receive a vibration to signal that their input has been recorded across all buttons.

Create a new meeting

User can create new meeting with individual team and invite team members

Pick Moderator 

Yellow light will indicate picked moderator which allows the team member to be more responsible and prepared as well as a sense of ownership toward the projects

Notify Distraction 

If there is any distraction during the meeting, the light will gradually change into red to let team members know that they are being distracted


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