SCAD Information Architecture class was given a project to create a shopping/buying experience that improves the payment interaction, connects people, and helps find the perfect product or service for a user by using the technology available today or in the near future.

Project Description


Our team decided to create a platform that connects insurance companies to people seeking insurance or help with managing their insurance. 

Meet the team

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Kajal Boghara : Research / Content Designer / Vision Video / Visual Designer

2020 Indigo Design Awards – Gold in UX, Interface & Navigation, Website Design, & Apps, Silver in Interactive Design

Stitch is a platform with a marketplace that allows you to connect to multiple companies to compare and buy insurance with the ability to maintain current plans, all in one stop. Stitch platform that is available on a website or phone where the user has a personalized virtual agent (AI) that helps them with all aspects of insurance like search/buying a plan, making a claim, and managing all their plans.

Final Product

stitch Prototype

stitch Poster

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Stich_Poster_finalPrint reduced ef.jpg


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