SCAD Human Factors class was prompted to create a design solution to a problem using IoT (The Internet of Things.)

Project Description


Over a duration of 8-weeks, my teammates and I worked to solve for food waste. Food waste is an ever-increasing problem in the United States. Despite being a possible solution, composting is often underutilized.


How can composting be made more accessible and scaleable through IoT?

Meet the team

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Emma Waters Strategy / Interface Design

Hugo Pereira Research / Video Director / 3D Modeling

Kajal Boghara Research / Visual Design 

2019 Indigo Design Awards – Bronze in UX, Interface & Navigation Category

ReScrap is a platform that connects and enhances existing services of collection, donation, composting and energy generation by using the Internet of Things to maximize the efficiency and ROI (Return on Investment) of the composting process and empowering users so that they can be more proactive and ultimately reduce their wasteful habits.


Our purpose is to utilize the power of connection to work together to solve a problem we face daily, food waste. 


We connect the average food consumer to those with the recourses to compost, to the shelter in need, the community garden which lacks the space and resources to compost or maybe the gardening mom looking for some extra nutritious growth… In return, the average consumer can now earn a profit, gain some insight and spark positive change.

Final Product

ReScrap Prototype

ReScrap Poster

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final_rescrap_poster resized.jpg



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