Meet the team

10-week collaboration with Google's Search Crisis Response team and SCADpro. They selected a diverse group of students that came from 8 different majors and 9 different countries. 

Project Brief


How might Google enable local communities to organize and help each other in times of crisis?

My Role


User Experience Designer & Researcher

Users can access our product, Google Raise, directly from Search. Google Raise allows people from across the globe to donate their money and time to relief organizations that can help communities affected by a disaster. In addition, people that have been affected by disaster can post their stories to the Community Stories feature, allowing their experiences to be seen globally. Finally, Raise's explore feature allows you to see how communities have dealt with disaster in the past and present around the world. 


Search is the entry point for Google Raise. It has a "Community Stories" feature which allows users to post real-time footage of events before, during, and after a disaster. These Community Stories raise awareness of what is happening to victims of the disaster and encourage viewers to empathize and support relief organizations that are working towards helping victims. Users can access Google Raise by 1) Searching for the disaster by name 2) Searching for ways to help the affected community.



The primary goal is to encourage users to support communities in need by facilitating the donation process from users to relief organizations. Users can answer surveys, watch ads, play-test games to generate money towards a fundraiser. Users are also encouraged to share fundraisers they support with their community to help generate funds faster.


Explore allows users to discover current and past crises globally. This section provides information about the disaster, access to fundraisers that support the victims, and Community Stories related to the chosen crisis.

The integration of Community Stories in Search allows for users inside and outside of the affected areas to be aware of the state of the disaster. Content is gathered from social media posts and posted directly through the Community Stories feature. 

Google Raise Prototype

Google Raise Poster

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