SCAD Senior Studio class was given 20 weeks to solve a problem in the world with design to disruptively improve human life using the most innovative, useful, and meaningful technologies.

Project Description


Create a communication method that makes the patient and their caregivers feel confident in the care they are getting at a hospital. We aim to design, manage, and simplify the medical field through the lens of the patient and their families to cater to their needs.

Meet the team

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Geethika Simhadri : UX Research & Design / Concept Development / Visual & Branding Design / Vision Video

Chris Feliciano : Concept Development / Problem Solving / Storytelling / Interaction Design

Kajal Boghara : UX Research / Concept Development / Storytelling / Content Strategy / UI Design

An online platform that reduces communication friction by visualizing both feelings and information in the medical field. CODE evolves into a common design system by creating a base for the way we visualize conversations in the medical field, leading to future innovations of the way we carry these conversations. CODE’s common language consists of 5 principles that focus on communicating feelings and information effectively to both patient and doctor.

To learn more check out our website: codebycare.com

Final Product

CODE Prototypes

CODE Poster

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To see the process click the link : codebycare.com/the-process

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