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SCAD Senior Studio class was given 20 weeks to solve a problem in the world with design to disruptively improve human life using the most innovative, useful, and meaningful technologies.

Project Description


Create a communication method that makes the patient and their caregivers feel confident in the care they are getting at a hospital. We aim to design, manage, and simplify the medical field through the lens of the patient and their families to cater to their needs.

Meet the team

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Geethika Simhadri : UX Research & Design / Concept Development / Visual & Branding Design / Vision Video

Chris Feliciano : Concept Development / Problem Solving / Storytelling / Interaction Design

Kajal Boghara : UX Research / Concept Development / Storytelling / Content Strategy / UI Design

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Miscommunication regarding patient care disconnects the family and patient with the hospital. It hinders efficiency, quality, behaviors, and mission with the caregiving experience and engagement. Questions arise on the ability and willingness of clinicians to relate to their patients as people.

Our Intended Goal

Create a communication method that makes the patient and their caregivers feel confident in the care they are getting at a hospital.


Competitive Research

User Journey (click to see image)


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Overall Insights

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Patients need to understand the information

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Doctors need to connect with the patient

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Design Framework


How might we...

design, manage and simplify the medical field through the lens of the patient and their needs.

We designed for...

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Target Audience


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Concept Development

CODE's 5 principles

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CODE's Ecosystem

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UI Development

Final UI

Final Product

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An online platform that reduces communication friction by visualizing both feelings and information in the medical field. CODE evolves into a common design system by creating a base for the way we visualize conversations in the medical field, leading to future innovations of the way we carry these conversations. CODE’s common language consists of 5 principles that focus on communicating feelings and information effectively to both patient and doctor.

To learn more check out our website:

Stories help in understanding the situation, communicating and reciprocating with others.

User respect stories of others facing the same situation and tend to learn from their experiences that they have faced and helped them grow throughout in their journey, they tend to believe and trust it more as they have a trustable source that they are receiving it from.

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Learn about yourself understand, visualize and inform to a medical professional and review.

Most users with to monitor their situation at home initially and later incase of severity or emergency prefer to visit a medical facility. But during this situation they often have queries related to their condition that they can’t share or inform properly with causes a great hindrance in their progress.

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Wealth of practical, actionable information through AI by setting up frameworks and visual patterns.

With the help of AI we focus on generating visuals and patterns based on the information provided and keep track of that, to understand the user and ensure clarity and trust in the review provided by the doctor.

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Designing for crisis, accessibility, assurance and community to help yourself and help others.

We aim to provide immediate actions to users during their crisis situation to help them understand and evaluate their situation. Focusing on responsive interactions we designed for multiple devices and focused on upcoming technology and incorporated according to the necessity of the users.

With hands in hands. Let’s fight this together and support our community. Let’s Donate.

We are the community, we need to help others to help ourselves. Through this service we want to provide users the platform to donate any essentials that they could to support their community/ society and help us in making this world a better place to live.

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CODE Prototypes


CODE Poster

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To see the process click the link :

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